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I have a variety of skills and ways that I can help when it comes to photography and travel. I'm open to any sort of collaboration as long as it makes sense for everyone involved, please get in touch and we can talk about how I can help. Here's a few ways I've worked with others in the past:

Social Media Influencing/Content Creating: My social media platform of choice is Instagram. I use Facebook, but my most active and most influential accounts are on Instagram (@davegaiz & @photonomads). As of early December 2018, I have over 8k followers on my @davegaiz account and just shy of 7k followers on my @photonomads account. During the month of November, 2018, my Instagram accounts generated a combined total of 248,274 impressions (178,888 for @davegaiz and 69,386 for @photonomads). Those numbers are for posts only and do not include extra views/impressions from stories. I have individual posts that have reached as high as 16,000+ impressions. My aggregate engagement rate on @davegaiz (as of early Dec 2018) is just north of 15%, on @photonomads it is about 9%.

I can collaborate in different ways on social media, I can do account take overs, sponsored posts, license content for posts, and work on campaigns with brands, lodges, tourism boards, etc. Working with lodges, hotels, tourism boards and travel companies has additional benefits as those campaigns can also provide me with an insight into your products or services that I can use for my guests with my travel company.

Photography Education: In addition to the photo tours & workshops that I teach, I also provide 1 on 1 photography instruction services to help you learn and learn faster. The instruction can take place in person, in the field, but most of my instruction is via Skype or video chatting to help with photo editing/post processing.

Freelance Photography/Video: I'm available to take on a variety of different photo or video projects. While my main focus is on landscape, travel, wildlife and aerial photography, I also have a great deal of experience with shooting real estate, I've shot portraits, headshots, products, events & more.

Travel Planning/Operations/Guiding: I've been involved in the travel industry for over a decade. I founded a travel company - Photo Nomads which operates photography trips and workshops. With Photo Nomads, we build and operate our own itineraries while also serving as an operator for other photographers, brands, dealers, tourism boards, lodges, etc. As an example, I've built and operated custom trips for the prestigious camera manufacturer Phase One and industry leading photographers Peter Eastway & Tony Hewitt. I have also built and operated workshops with industry leading photographers like Michael Shainblum and Toby Harriman. If you're looking for help putting together a custom trip, whether it's photography based or not, get in touch and we can discuss your options. I can also be of assistance when it comes to leading or guiding on trips - photography related or otherwise - as I take people on trips frequently with my company and I've led thousands of guests on trips over the last decade on multiple continents.

Speaking Engagements: I have been a speaker at numerous photo and camera clubs and I'd love to come talk with your members. Get in touch to discuss speaking topics and schedule an appearance.

Commercial licensing, prints, content creation: I've built up a fairly large collection of work over the years, some of which you can see in my galleries here on my site. If you're looking to buy prints, please visit my print store. If you're looking to license images for commercial use, please get in touch and provide details on the scope of use to get the conversation started. If you're looking for a photographer to create content for a commercial or any other type of job, please get in touch with details about the scope of the project.

About Me

Hi, I'm Dave - thanks for stopping by! I'm a professional photographer and entrepreneur based in Long Beach, CA. In addition to my photography business - David Gaiz Creative, I founded a travel company called Photo Nomads and real estate photo & marketing company called California Property Pics. I specialize in landscape, wildlife, travel & aerial photography. I've traveled extensively throughout my life visiting over 40 countries to date. I've lead group trips on several continents and I am heavily involved in photo education.

Previously, I've worked in professional sports, travel/tourism and photography. I grew up an avid hockey player and I still love sports. I have a great deal of experience in organizing and operating group trips. I've taken thousands of happy guests on trips to a variety of locations on multiple continents.

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 2005, I spent time working in an IT department for the El Segundo Unified School District before transitioning to to a position with AEG / LA Kings. After a successful season with the Kings, I explored the idea of learning a family business but ultimately decided that working in travel and tourism was my passion and priority in my early 20's.

I started working for the Travel Corporation and their brand Contiki Holidays in 2007 and this kicked off my career in travel working as a Tour Manager / Trip Leader. Spending over 300 days a year traveling, I would routinely lead groups of up to 54 people on inclusive trips around the US and Canada. During my time with Contiki, I also worked in the operations department and learned the back end of the tour operator industry. I also helped out with sales and marketing projects and initiatives, photography and brochure creation. Towards the end of my stint with Contiki, I spent more time leading trips and served as the head trainer for new Trip Leaders during multi-month training school programs operated by Contiki in 2011 and 2013.

Throughout my travels, I grew to enjoy photography and through self teaching started to become a more avid photographer and then started making money through photography on the side. Following my departure from Contiki, I started freelancing with photography. In 2015, I launched Photo Nomads - a travel company focused on the photography tour and workshop niche of the industry. In 2017 Photo Nomads morphed into Gaiz Travel and Creative, LLC.