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David has worked in professional sports, travel and tourism and photography. He grew up an avid hockey player and loves to travel. He has a great deal of experience in organizing and operating group tours. He has taken thousands of happy guests on trips to a variety of locations.

After graduating from UCSB in 2005, David spent time working in an IT department for the El Segundo Unified School District before transitioning to his position with AEG / LA Kings. After a successful season with the Kings, David explored the idea of learning a family business but ultimately decided that working in travel and tourism was the priority in his early 20's.

David started working for the Travel Corporation and their brand Contiki Holidays in 2007. He began his career in travel working as a Tour Manager / Trip Leader where he would take groups of up to 54 people on inclusive over the road trips around the US and Canada. During his time with Contiki, David also worked in the operations department and learned the back end of the tour operator business. He also helped out with sales and marketing projects and initiatives, photography and brochure creation. Towards the end of his stint with Contiki, David spent more time running trips on the road with and served as the head trainer for new Trip Leaders during multi month training school programs operated by Contiki in 2011 and 2013.

Throughout his travels, David grew to enjoy photography and through self teaching started to become a more avid photographer and then started making money through photography on the side. Following his departure from Contiki David started freelancing with photography. In 2015, David turned his freelancing into Photo Nomads - a tour operator focused on the photography tour and workshop niche of the industry. In 2017 Photo Nomads morphed into Gaiz Travel and Creative, LLC which now encompasses 3 brands - Photo Nomads, CA Property Pics and David Gaiz Creative. David is currently based out of Long Beach, CA.

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